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The making of a 
transfer of training inventory

Guðrún Jónsdóttir
Tryggvi Rúnar Jónsson

B.A. Thesis in Psychology at the University of Iceland
Supervisors: Friðrik H. Jónsson and Svali H. Björgvinsson
January 2002

An inventory was designed to evaluate the transfer of training to the working environment. It was based on factors of the Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI) designed by Holton, Bates and Ruona (2000), Baldwin and Ford’s (1988) definition of the transfer process and Holton’s (1996). The inventory was tested in four Icelandic companies. Factors emerged linking supervisor support and sanctions, support of peers, training design, link between job performance and new skills. It is assumed that the inventory can predict how likely transfer of training is in a work environment.

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Keywords: transfer of training, job training, life long learning, continued education, factor analysis, inventory development, return of training investments, training outcomes.

Tryggvi R. Jónsson,
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